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How To Write A Career Goals Essay

Once in our lifetime we all cross that line when questions about future, career and life goals arise. Quite frequently students and seniors trying to apply for college or a specific school are asked to write an essay. This task by the simplicity of its form and clearness of the structure hides one deep purpose. And that is to see how a student thinks. Clearly, examiners or committee are not capable of hearing out every single one face to face, but they need to find out what is inside of each potentially successful person. What is better than a letter or an essay where an applicant can compose the text and express some thoughts he or she might not dare to say out loud.

Many a student are baffled with the question of their future and education. And that is completely normal since determinacy in today’s fast-paced world is quite rare. But if you are to write an essay about your career plans for an application or as an examination paper it implies the quality of being an ambitious person. If you are reading this article aimed to help you out we presuppose you have an idea about what you want to achieve in life or have a general outline of your aspirations.

Breaking Down The Structure

There is no set rules on how to compose a proper career goals essay since you will have to base yourself upon the task. It will provide you with the questions and size limit which frequently varies from 300 up to 2000 words. Most of the time the task will have several questions. Thus, you are to devote a separate paragraph or few to each of them. It is a good idea to use short and clever subtitles if relevant, they will help the committee to orient themselves within the text.

A regular essay includes introduction, main body and conclusion but here you should be more precise and focus on what is asked in the task. You are not supposed to tiptoe around the issue like you would normally do in a basic opinion essay. Hence, there is a short introduction or even no introduction. Start answering the questions trying to divide the information into paragraphs by topics, it will be your main body. In the conclusion you are to answer the main question which is usually the last one in the task. And it is concerning the school you are applying for. Provide your arguments on why you are interested in a certain educational institution or how it can help you in achieving your goals. After all, stick to the task itself which will be your main guide regarding structure. Do not forget about the linking words and expressions that will tie the sentences together but do not overload your text. It is easy to oversaturate an essay with long sentences trying to include every detail that might help you get noticed. But what is more important is readability. It is achieved by means of medium sizes sentences or mix of very long with very short ones.

What Does Admission Committee Look For

When trying to impress the Admission Committee we should understand the factor of their proficiency over the long years of work. Those people are experienced examiners who are capable of noticing the students trying too hard and having unrealistic dreams. They will also pass on those who are indecisive and cannot support the conclusion with clear facts.

Most of the time the winning strategy here is to find a happy medium meaning not boasting over the top but showing future potential. Clearly they need to see what you have achieved so far but that is not the winning argument. Do not feel intimidated if you have quite a modest experience in the field you are planning to study. Your main aim is to show the committee you have the desire to work for your and society’s better future and intellect to do so, the only thing left is the knowledge a certain school or university can provide you with.

What Information Can I Include?

As the essay is based upon future goals, 99% of the time you will be asked to describe your long run and short run aspirations. Long run goals are all of your big aspirations you are planning to achieve once you graduate. Short term goals are of current importance and as one of them you might mention getting education in the field the school you are applying for specializes in. Be realistic about your long term objectives. Keep in mind how much it will take before getting the senior position.

You can mention the positions you already took, military service if so, projects you were a part of and even traveling. It will all tell about your comprehensive knowledge and desire to develop, grow and improve. Try to reflect on how you can be helpful with the knowledge you will acquire or how you can contribute to the society. When describing your bright future goals you might also support them with personal beliefs or deep meaning for you.

Connection Between Capabilities And Aspirations

When young students write a career goals essay it is easier for them to get carried away with tremendous plans. You have to assess yourself and your capabilities today in order to correspond to the requirements later. If you got quite a bold draft of your future there is nothing else to do but join the dots from your past or impressive experiences that will back it up. It is important to keep harmony between future desires and achievements. But do not get impression you cannot make it with humble past, just set realistic and sustainable goals and Admission Committee will appreciate this. After all, believe in yourself and never give up the dream if the 1st try turned out to be a mischance.