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Thematic Essay Writing Guide

how to write thematic essay

The thematic essay, like all other variants of this type of written work, has its own peculiarities. For the competent composition of such a work, it is necessary to understand what a thematic essay is to sort out its basic characteristics and structure form to present the direction to those items that are better covered.

The Main Features of the Thematic Essay

The development of the semantic thread in the thematic essay takes place within the framework of a specifically selected topic. To get high results when composing content and the ability to adhere to the chosen style, you need increasing attention to each of the stages of a holistic writing process.


The Thematic Essay Structure

This style of composition, like all the other kinds of essays, has a traditional basis, which is subsequently formalized taking into account the characteristic features and the chosen theme.

1. The title.

2. Introduction.

3. The body of the basic text. As a rule, this section consists of 3-5 paragraphs long.

4. Sample text illustrations. For a harmonious perception of the text, there should be no more than two of them for each thesis.

5. The final paragraph.


The total essay volume should not exceed three pages. Every section begins with a new paragraph. It is true that the whole text should be imbued with the author`s individuality. Paraphrasing the words, the essay should not be written as a set of facts on the chosen topic but be told through the prism of the author`s experience, opinions and his personal attitude.


Detailed Advice on Compiling a Thematic Essay


Subject and title

The completeness of the disclosure of the chosen topic depends on its understanding. As a rule, it is encrypted in the heading. It is necessary to consider this aspect when self-designating the title of the future essay. This is important for the writer because the reader is to get an idea of what the author has prepared for him to read.

In high-level thematic essays the topic is indicated by the open noun which is used to formulate the title. If the disclosure of the topic is not in the title, then it should be clear after acquaintance with the prime proposals that are spelled out in the introductory part.

Set a goal

The purpose of writing a thematic essay can be different. As a rule, it is reduced to compiling a comparative analysis or proving a certain fact, event or a phenomenon. Sometimes the heading suggests that the author will take one of the parties in a dispute or a designated conflict. The essay is considered a specific evaluation tool for various popular topics.

To accomplish this goal, a number of questions will be important and the detailed answers will help in developing the topic in the proper direction.


The main tasks’ definition

It is about the details that are required to include in the body of the essay and it will acquire the colors. Such items can be informative in nature, serve as examples or analyze them.


Preparation of the abstracts

The body of the thematic essay is filled with suggestions that allow you to see and understand the basic message that the author wanted to convey through the content. Disclosure of the main idea is carried out from the introductory paragraph to the final chapter. In the top lines, the essence is presented, in the middle of the text the thesis requires proofs and examples, and in the final sentences the author sums up everything he was written down.


Illustrative text samples

Since the purpose of the thematic essay is not only to uncover the topic itself but also to provide detailed examples. The text is easier to perceive when the author raises every thesis or the micro themes that are accompanied by the text illustrations. For this, the writer is to have a sufficient evidence base that will abound in facts, historical events, dates, addresses or figures. It is very important and that is why every position should be tested and not cause doubts in reality.


The final paragraph

Summing up all the examples and micro themes revealed, the final paragraph should be reminded of the original thesis, which opened the thematic essay. It is very important that there are no new ideas in the final section. The only generalization of the results of analysis or a comparison is acceptable. This literary device allows you the better understanding of the main idea, which the author intended to share.


General recommendations

Consider a scheme according to which an essay will be compiled in the future. The plan that is prepared in advance will help to meet previously set tasks and will allow realizing the degree of the author`s preparedness to reveal the chosen problems. In addition, it becomes clear where exactly examples are needed and in which sections it will be possible to do without them.

Avoid inconsistencies of any kind, for example, in content filling, grammar writing or in stylistics. When composing sentences do not forget that they should be written clearly without the abundance of long phrases or an excess of special terms. For smooth text all sections and paragraphs should be related to each other in meaning. Every next sentence should complement the previous one, developing the chosen topic.


Thematic Essay Topics

In order for the final result of the composition to be successful, the theoretical knowledge and writing a given kind of essay rules are not enough. The choice of the topic is of great importance, too. It is needed that the author to understand the problems and draw conclusions based on his experience and in-depth study of the topic. Some examples of the topics are listed below will help you to choose an interesting direction and reveal the questions that are most relevant to you and your audience.


1. Frequent change of mood, as a factor of a transitional teens age entry.

2. Mental illness as a payment for the impetuosity of technological progress.

3. Ordinary people`s portrayal in literature of the 20th century.

4. What is the purpose of the present education system reformation?

5. Lady Di`s representation of the new epoch in Britain Monarchy system.

6. The notion of personal loneliness in Salinger`s novel The Catcher In The Rye.

7. Freedom and obligation in John Galsworthy`s Saga.

8. The way of American Dream in criminal drama movie Gangs of New York.

9. The role of Love and Hate nowadays.

10. The importance of interpersonal conflict for the personality development.

11. The meaning of politics for the future of the whole planet.

12. The role of the legislative system in everyday life of the society.

13. What is the most important for a person: law or his individual beliefs?

14. Is there any differences in father and mother roles?

15. The role of philosophy in the present Internet epoch.

16. Is it true that every person can influence his own fate?

17. The death penalty is more human than an other kinds of punishment.

18. There are many differences between poor and rich countries’ government.

19. The suicide is the simplest way out in any situation.

20. Friends play the greater role in everybody`s life than relatives are.

21. In many African lands the slavery is not forgotten yet.

22. Big cities make people poisoned.

23. The music education is of a great role in development of an individual.

24. The children under six years old are not to attend any hobby classes.

25. Sea or mountain vacation is good for the people`s state of health.