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Satire Essay Writing Tips & Topics

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When it comes to satire, everybody likes to read it, but not everybody is ablest to write it. What is you faced a problem of writing satire essay? One of the major obstacles is topic. A good topic which suits you is a half of success. There are many ways of starting with your satire essay, but the best is to pick a topic which resonates with your interests.

If you are allowed to choose satire essay topic, do not hesitate and look through our offered ones. We have picked the most provocative topics for different subjects and even some topics for college students.

Even though topic is a major thing in satire essay, initially we’re going to provide a tip.


Tip №1: Ensure You Have Understood the Task

As a general, even before you start working on your assignment, it is really important to get the topic. Sounds strange? Believe us, some people do not emerge deep into it. If you have been asked to satirize a particular issue or area of subject? Did you decide about the length of your essay? What about some tech requirements that you have to meet in order to complete your paper? Now, what about formatting and style which must be given to your format choices? Then, do you have to write things in the 3rd person?

Another step is to understand the satire writing itself. Do you have read any satirical essays before? If no, the best choice to start with is Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”. Why? Because it’s widely taken as a masterpiece in satire. The Onion is globally known satire website where you can find millions of satirical essays. The last but not the least thing — there are lines on modern political topics.

If you are afraid of satire, do not be. With satire, you will be able to write an essay from the perspective of a first-narrator other than yourself. Sounds strange, but only prima facie. Believe us, satire opens up new possibilities and really allows you to give some cultural and social elements into essays about other topics. For instance, we want to write an article about Trump’s first month on the board. Now, lets focus on those leaked Access Hollywood tapes, which contained the president saying things broadly through demeaning to women.

There are many memes on this topic and the best response to that meme is to suggest that women do not have to be able to say they are offended by his words. What stands for it? The success of authors James’s 50 Shades of Gray bestseller, which demonstrates sexual relationships between dominant (male) and a girl who submits to him. Thistimely satirical essay would address the question from the perspective of James’ main male character in that series, C. Grey. Taking into account Trump’s ignorance and relevance of 50 Shades of gray, this satirical essay will be on the edge of actual issue.

Another example is that when the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte lately was in trouble for mentioning that he had been robbed. What came next? The evidence seemed to support that he was the actual wrong-doer. Here you can present your paper from the perspective of Ryan Lochte giving advice to Kim Kardashian-West after her recent robbery in France would be another way to effectively use a third-person narrator to increase the amount of satire in your work.

As you can get from the above mentioned touches, choosing a third-person approach helps you to criticize and use satire properly. The approach is very important when it comes to satire and we think it’s the second important issue where you have to pay attention writing satire essay.

We have prepared for you 40 topics for satire essay. Below you will find a few sections. It does not matter you have to pick a topic from ‘Satire essay topics for college students’ if you are a college student.

Look through all of the lines to choose the most suitable topic for your essay. Keep in mind that it has to suit your subject and writing style.


10 Satire Topics for College Students

1) How to flunk your exams and have fun doing it

2) Who needs a friend when you have a pet?

3) Social media platforms — the best option to meet and make friends

4) How to get rid of chores and get away with it

5) 5 reasons why school is a waste of time

6) Ultimate guidelines on how to miss or fail your exam

7) How to excel your school without studying

8) Can we make math fav subject in school?

9) Why university won’t bring you good

10) TOP-10 reasons to tie up with parents via social media


Another thing that you were provided with a bunch of topics or you have a specific subject and you cannot deviate from the course, but even in this occasion there’s a chance to squeeze maximum of your topic. Do we need to confront terrorism? Why you don’t feel good loosing weight? What are the real ways of winning Oscar? These and other satire topic could be presented brilliantly. Not to make your satire topics essay a complete waste of time, we have prepared for you two important tips and 50 satire essay topics.


10 Topics on Politics, History and Governance

1) What stands for freedom? Is freedom of speech is a dive necessity?

2) Why we should believe politicians?

3) 5 reasons why Russia is USA’s TOP ally

4) Why US president stands out in comparison with all the previous ones

5) 7 reasons why Brexit is a good thing for Britain

6) Why North Korea’s press and media freedom is the preferred option for the world

7) Is communist direct opposite of capitalism?

8) How aliens have built the great wall of china

9) 7 reasons why Kenneth Bone managed to turn into sensation during debates

10) Captain America — can he become our future president?


Tip №2. Brainstorming

Now lets talk about brainstorming. It can be a great thing in any type of essay writing, but it can really play a big role in satirical essay. While some other essay formats are able to lend themselves to outlines on the initial stages of planning, some other approaches come with satire and work better.

To begin with the first tool, it can be compared with a bubble map. You know what stands for it — a simple tool which you can use from the elementary school. The B-map is basically aimed to encourage word association with your subject and topic. Try this easy tool to start brainstorming and you will be positively shocked, how much good it can bring to your essay.

Now lets provide the rest of topics you may use for satire essay. There are 20 ones:


10 Satire Topics on Social Issues

1)Do Rats Also Take Part In A Rat Race?

2)Why These Days Teen Moms Are On The Rise

3)Why The Upper Class Experience More Stress Than The Lower Class

4)Can Comic Books Promote Certain Careers?

5)Why Being Homeless Is Not Such A Bad Idea

6)Reasons To Follow A Stranger’s Advice

7)How to prove your view when you are wrong

8)How To Lie And Get Away With It In A Convincing Manner

9)10 Reasons To Become An Annoying Human Being

10)Why Ignoring Strangers Is Such A Bad Idea


10 Satire Topics in Business and IT Include:

1)How Google Can Save Your Life

2)How To Work Smart Without Doing Much

3)Best Methods Of Embarrassing Yourself In Front Of Your Colleagues

4)Ways Of Criticizing Your Boss And Getting Away With It

5)Benefits Of Being The Least Favorite Employee

6)Why A World Without Internet Would Be A Better Place

7) How Robots Will Conquer Us

8)Why You Should Follow The Advice Of Your Teenage Children On Finance

9)How To Arrive Late For An Interview

10)Why robots can work better than human beings