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Research Proposal Paper – Writing Guidelines

Scholars and grad-students of scientific specialties who want to apply for higher degrees or complete a complex examination on some occasions should submit an offering to the university evaluation committee.

A research proposal definition and its purposes

It’s a type of an admission paper that comprises all details of the proffered exploration including the matter covering sources overview. Its language style and pattern is established by the standards which also makes it resembling other academic written works. This writing is demanded by the following reasons.


Inquiry. Some examinations claim authorization to be performed or included as a part of a degree application.

Test. This writing allows estimating the executor’s potential and lore basis for the suggested operations and overall.

Statement. The proposal should clearly designate the issue and the viewpoint from which it’ll be examined.

Informing. It’s a detailed and yet concise summary of what, how and why will be done during the process.

Evaluation. It should represent the outlooks of the research and its plausible results to define its value.

Necessity. This task can require equipment, assistance or even funding that commonly can’t be acquired without investors persuasion.


All purposes of the proposal can be achieved if a candidate has the successive skills:


Screening. The appropriate choice of the matter for the research and the materials for its support is half of the success.

Presentation. Even the most innovatory ideas can be rejected if they aren’t supplied with a suitable submission.

Critical thinking. The proposal should come with testimony and reveal the applicant’s creative and analytical abilities.

Persuasion. The content affirmations should be competent and convincing.


How to choose a research question?

A study problem, objectives and remedies are the essences of any investigation. Admissable research questions reflect them and have the successive attributes:


Relevance. Their connection to the addressing field should be valid.

Significance. The questions should cover the issues that obligatory require resolutions.

Implementation. You can complete the research with available or obtainable remedies.


The investigation can have more the one question. All problems should be related, so the research will lead to generic logical results.


What is the structure of a proposal writing?

To create a document that will answer all possible assessment questions, commence with an outline to make the fundament of the further paper framework completion. Think through, browse literature and make notes to have enough materials to form the appropriate content in order to fill in the following structure:



The proposal heading should primarily indicate the research problem and its examination angle or remedy to attract interested in the subject supporters. Though it can be altered during the process, its wording should have the following aspects.


Definition. Any title should be concisely informative about the crucial concept.

Accuracy. Its formulation should avoid ambiguity and uncertainty.

Neutrality. The language coloring shouldn’t have judging tones.



The introduction should represent a summary of the paper. It should focus on the topic and concisely answer the basic questions. Its content should contain an attention hook hidden between the words to interest and intrigue the readers.


Review of the literature

The survey purpose is to define the availability of the knowledge gap that encourages you for the research. The process and its written representation should be:

– focused on matter origins and field facts and theories that are connected to your particular topic;

– structured appropriately to fulfill its functions which are to sort out, to summarize the main and to dissect it;

– in congruence with the school requirements.


Goals ascertainment

This section should more broadly state the objective of the study and desired results. It usually contains a testing hypothesis or subject description and its examination importance. It’s the most significant proposal chapter for the approval obtaining. Its statements should be argumentative and precise. The candidate might be also asked to prove the research goals validity verbally.


Research program

Here should be outlined a study project design that should list, specify and substantiate a research algorithm, remedies (budget, information sources and equipment) and techniques that will be applied. Take into consideration methods that the researchers have used before.

The whole program should be relevant, rational and efficient and have a theoretical basis leastways. It should also overview the possible difficulties during the process and variants of their resolutions. Check out a research proposal sample for better chapter formation comprehension.



Develop and present a timeline that will cover required for accomplishment periods for each particular project stage including reading and revising. It should initially consider possible delays and be regularly updated on the occasions of process alternations, overtakes or setbacks.


Anticipated outcomes and their aftermaths

In your conclusion of the proposal, you should declare the expected study results and consequences they may cause. To raise the research significance, specify how they can change the course of the field or what contribution it will make to the matter examination. But do not reiterate the goals, concentrate more on the impact on the scientific community.



GIve the list of materials you extensively employ for analysis to establish the origins of the provided affirmations.



As an official application form, a research proposal should meet structure, content and formatting requirements. Its writing should be authentic, argumentative, persuasive and flawless. It should deliver a clear message and present the candidate in the best light.