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Evaluation Essay Topics Ideas


Evaluation essay — is a composition that offers various judgments about the object according to the particular criteria. It is a great way for students to express their opinion and relation to the topic. This specific type offers deep critical insight into the criteria being evaluated and presents reasonable evidence to help the reader form his own opinion.

It is not difficult to start your essay if you follow this steps :

  • Choose the topic which you understand well to be able to examine it from different sides. Make some researches if you are not sure about several issues.
  •  Find and develop your major statement. This statement is a main aim of your composition. Here you should clearly describe the quality of a subject, or lack of it, depending on a topic. 
  • Try to use different criteria to judge the subject. Examine it from different sides and chose the most interesting and understandable items. 
  • Form your own opinion about the situation due to evidences and supporting materials. Here are some topics which can help you to turn on your creativity.

They can be divided into five main categories:


Technology Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • Think over and describe a device which you have recently bought. You may focus on its advantages or disadvantages. Evaluate all pros and cons and make a reasonable conclusio
  • Evaluate two similar programs and establish which one offers the best features. Which is simpler to use?
  • Review a popular social network in your country. Talk about the users, its features and benefits compared to other social media.
  • Analyze the role of social networks in our life. Have they already replaced live communication? Think over the advantages and disadvantages of online life.

Education Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • Analyze the quality of teaching foreign languages in your country. What language is the most popular for learning? With the help of what means can you learn a new one?
  • What local university is the most popular in your area? Why do so many students try to apply for admission there? Make a research and tell all pluses of it.
  • How online schooling can become more useful than standard face to face studying? Could the people receive the same knowledge?
  • Who have been the best teacher for you at school? Is she or he just a good person or a perfect professor? Name all best qualities of her/him.

Everyday Life Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • What environmental problems exist in your country? How the Government try to solve them?
  • Evaluate one of the jobs you have had. Was it to your liking? Why did you leave that place?
  • Have you recently buy a gift for your close person? Did he like it? Was it good or bad? Who can find it more suitable?
  • Analyze the chain-smoking effects and influence of alcohol.

Film and movie evaluations

  • What is a film or series you have recently seen? Will you advise it to see to your friends? Evaluate all pluses and minuses of it.
  • Analyze a film which was inspired by a certain book? Are they similar or absolutely different? In your opinion what is more memorable and interesting?
  • Evaluate an actor’s play in different films. Which role suits him or her the best? Which film with this particular star is the best one?
  • Review modern movies and cartoons for kids. Do they have positive impact on children. Tell which cartoons are really worse to see and which are not.

Restaurant and cafe evaluations

  • When did you visit a restaurant last time? Did you like the service there? How long did you wait for your order? What about the food and drinks? Would you advise to visit that place?
  • Evaluate and make a comparison between the home food and fast food. Include such criteria like taste, price and usefulness.
  • Why people like to attend the coffee houses? Is it more convenient than drinking coffee at home. Evaluate the advantages of visiting various establishments.
  • Are you keen on Japanese cuisine? It becomes popular all over the world nowadays. Evaluate the quality and taste of it.
  • Are there any low-priced cafe with tasty meal in your city? Or are there several of them? Can you compare them? Which one is the best for you?

Traveling evaluations

  • Do you keep in mind your last traveling to another city or country? What mean of transport did you take? Was it a good decision? Analyze advantages and disadvantages of your trip.
  • Have you ever traveled by plane? Is it the best type for moving to long distances? Which are the minuses of traveling by air?
  • Evaluate all pros and cons of traveling by car. Is it the most comfortable way to travel within a country?
  • Have you ever been on excursions with your classmates?
  • What did you visit? What type of transport did your teachers choose? Was it convenient for a lot of students?


And this is a small list of possible topics. You can choose any of them or invent your personal one. Just recollect your experience and look at the things which are around you. And evaluate them!

Do not forget that this type of essay should include five paragraphs. The first one is an introduction part where the writer emphasizes the main statement and its quality. The next three paragraphs are the main body, where the author illustrates his thesis and tells how he made such a conclusion and which criteria helped to make it. In last paragraph everything should be summed up. For short essays it is not necessary to summarize all text. It is enough to restate the main ideas of your essay!