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Original Descriptive Essay Topics


Descriptive Essay Features


A descriptive essay is one of the most beloved written assignments among students. The reason is that such an essay does not require a thorough research.  At the same time, describing the subject, event or a phenomenon, passing through the prism of his own feelings, emotions, and experience, the author shares his personal attitude when dwelling upon this literary genre.

Features of the original descriptive essay structure are not based solely on “dry facts”. This is not a kind of a note in the news chronicle. Write about your inner thoughts or surroundings. Use your imagination, manifest extraordinary and non-standard thinking and look into the secret, hidden corners when describe your life experience.

It is very important to convey everything in such a manner that the reader becomes a proximate spectator of the events described. The higher skill of writing an unusual descriptive essay makes one look at ordinary facts from a diverse point of view, different from traditional views and habitual representations.

In order to make the composition successful and original, it is necessary to mention the number of clues, genre characteristics and cooperate with this feature. It may help when to compose a writing and simplify the process of work. When you understand what kind of the topic to write about, you may get satisfaction from the good result.


Tips for Writing a Descriptive Essay


Be creative in the preparation of even the most trivial description. Try to write about your emotional attitude to the object or describe a place. A significant proportion of the result depends on the topic.

If any uninteresting or incomprehensible topic is given, try to look more broadly at the problem. Pull the scale or modify the direction of the description, without changing the name or the given theme. Select the topics about your everyday life or describe a time.

This will provide the maximum field for creativity and will help to cope with the task brilliantly. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to determine the topic for yourself and describe an object or a situation. Honestly, this task requires some detailing.

Many people face the situation when it is necessary to write an essay but they failed. At a prime glance, it is so easy unless you have a creative crisis when it is not possible to choose a successful topic from a dozen impetuous thoughts. You might be more efficient.

Find a guide for the best essay writing and you will succeed. The list of proposed options that is used here will provide opportune support for university and college students who have faced the task of compiling your descriptive essay. Consider how you can use these example descriptive essays.


How You Might Choose Unique Essay Topics

The catchy heading is decisive for achieving good results whether you give the writing for a professor`s check or you are going to publish it in a magazine like one of the students` projects. Interest the reader from the top lines and your efforts will be rewarded.

Make the title to be short, but intriguing. As for the topic, there are no restrictions and clear limits-you may describe everything you want. The main advice on how to compose an essay is to describe one chosen topic with pleasure.

You may write about any situation or statement you face every day or dream over. Try to describe your favorite item or a person. Share your inspiration with the world around you and tell about your own unique emotions. Try a fresh and unusual topic, like one in a guide that is presented below especially for you.


120 Topic Ideas For Descriptive Essays


1. An excellent place for a romantic dating. 

2. The driving a car practical lesson. 

3. The moment of receiving the diploma. 

4. One day in college through the eyes of a student. 

5. The mechanism of the homework fulfillment when learning any foreign language. 

6. Student`s life in the campus. 

7. The best country for education. 

8. The hard workday of the graduate. 

9. Lucky person. 

10. How to recognize the true love. 

11. The experience of public speaking. 

12. One of your most cherished dreams. 

13. Frequently repeated dream. 

14. The brightest moments of your childhood. 

15. The best airplane flight. 

16. When I saw the sea for the first time. 

17. My four-legged friend. 

18. Why do I like to have a rest in the mountains? 

19. The perfect day. 

20. My sister`s fascinating and unusual wedding day. 

21. Visit the art gallery of the contemporary art. 

22. My room. 

23. The hero I want to be like. 

24. What I would like to be. 

25. Tomorrow of my own. 

26. My best friend from college. 

27. My pony. 

28. The street where I live. 

29. The two months ago vacation I will always remember with pleasure. 

30. My schoolbooks. 

31. The biggest fish I caught myself. 

32. Why do I like to go hunting? 

33. Beauty shop I used to attend. 

34. The unbelievable time you met your younger brother. 

35. My secret casket. 

36. A turning spot in my destiny. 

37. The trip abroad. 

38. My grandfather`s car. 

39. Visit the Museum of History. 

40. Your favorite dish. 

41. What does my wardrobe look like? 

42. My sister`s treasure whatnot. 

43. My favorite book. 

44. My neighbors. 

45. One of the favorite glades in the nearest park. 

46. Sand under the microscope. 

47. The soccer ball. 

48. Our college gym. 

49. Road machinery in our yard. 

50. The experience of the innovative campaign. 

51. Snowflake in my palm. 

52. A hot summer day. 

53. Frosty drawing on the window. 

54. Wheatears in the field. 

55. Gorgeous costume carnival in Brazil. 

56. My last summer family sea cruise. 

57. Golden autumn foliage. 

58. A girl who evoke the most vivid feelings that you felt. 

59. The biggest fear that you ever knew. 

60. A bird that lives above my window. 

61. Melody I like to sing along the way to college. 

62. An event that I cannot forget. 

63. The biggest trouble in my student life. 

64. Moth in the light of a street lamp. 

65. Beautiful circus building. 

66. My grandmother`s hands. 

67. A funny incident at the lesson. 

68. The best teacher in the world. 

69. Growing flowers in the garden. 

70. A night clear sky. 

71. Few hours at the airport. 

72. People who surround me. 

73. Tram in the central streets of my city. 

74. My mom`s haircut. 

75. The unforgettable visit to the aquarium center. 

76. Evening walks before bedtime. 

77. Morning jogging you engage with. 

78. Sunrise over the roofs of our city. 

79. Reflection in a rain puddle. 

80. A visit to the dentist. 

81. Christmas in Lapland. 

82. The best gift for a birthday. 

83. My portfolio. 

84. A visit to the repair shop. 

85. The great impression of the zoo visit. 

86. Cat show at our park. 

87. My new smartphone. 

88. The sneakers of your favorite. 

89. The country that I live in. 

90. My big family. 

91. My future profession. 

92. The railway station in the capital. 

93. The mechanism of my wristlet watch. 

94. Foam party on our campus. 

95. My fascinating and odd home trip. 

96. School friends` 10-year anniversary meeting. 

97. The weather in May. 

98. My desk. 

99. Generating a brilliant idea. 

100. Visit my favorite music band concert. 

101. How do I ideate a charmed person? 

102. The taste of victory. 

103. A day that I prefer to forget forever. 

104. My best friend in childhood period. 

105. Plans for the coming months. 

106. Interior of the nearest bakery. 

107.  One of my hobbies. 

108. My daily yoga classes. 

109. Modern nightclub. 

110. Visit the planetarium. 

111. University communities in our days. 

112. Walking under the stars. 

113. In summer the sea is phosphorous. 

114. One of your favorite video games. 

115. Diving-a fashionable direction of outdoor activities. 

116. Karaoke is a favorite entertainment for all generations. 

117. Swimming pool on the roof. 

118. The beauty of the Victoria Falls. 

119. Formula 1 Ferrari racing car. 

120. Rainbow is a spectacular natural phenomenon.


Any choice of the proposed extraordinary and original topics will maximize your hidden or apparent literary abilities. Variety of professional advice and examples can be a stimulus for true inspiration. Additional knowledge will save a time spent on it and result in your own created unusual descriptive essay that reflects your inner state as fully as possible.