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Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students


Argumentative writing allows one representing one’s standpoint that is based on the included in the statement premises and evidence. Although it’s a rare opportunity to express one’s opinion without being interrupted, the facts that it should be in an essay form and founded on a thorough matter exploration repel students. However, they can easily overcome the assignment difficulty if they become familiar with its execution manual for each stage.

The reason for a scrupulous preparation before this paper content composition is its purpose. Any science doesn’t appreciate prevarications, and in this academic writing type, they are much less welcomed. When writers show their opinions in an argumentative essay, they have a particular intention such as audiences persuasion in its validity and applicability.

This goal can’t be accomplished without content and language instruments that will appeal to readers’ minds and souls. The significant part of this connection establishment plays essay subjects.

How to select a topic for an argumentative paper

Any essay theme implies the presentation of the investigated matter, the researcher’s angle of examination and reflects one’s creativity and ingenuity. Depending on the writing type it has particular attributes. On the occasion of argumentative one, it should be controversial.

If the matter availability, validity, determination, significance, background, impact, aftermaths, denouement or authenticity, etc. are questionable due to its essence or study progress, any of these issues can generate an appropriate argumentative paper topic.

The subject for research and writing can be found in any life scope. However, its origins, aspects and current state should be known from the valid sources. If there are no restrictions, writers should opt for the matters they are interested in to ensure themselves this way an emotional groundwork for the paper.

Review the list of argumentative essay topics for college students sorted by the sphere. Choose the one from it or use its variety as an inspiration to come up with your own.


1. College curriculum conformity to the employment requirements. The growth of unemployment among young adults makes the issue actual, and the role of high education in it is ambiguous.

2. The Web: pros and cons of its application in the educational process. Is the Internet is a wellspring of knowledge or the reason for the studying quality decline?

3. Determining plagiarism: where is the line? Are the demands for writing uniqueness too strict?

4. Tutoring and its impact on the personal development. Does everyone require a mentor? How does it affect a person’s self-sufficiency?

5. Internships should be mandatory. Would students and employers benefit more if the practice periods after college were obligatory?


1. Gadgets obsession: is there a cure? How to replace the craze about smartphones with something more meaningful?

2. Portable devices influence people’s health. Do they have an actual impact on the human well-being and how harmful is it?

3. Internet marketing should be regulated and confined. How to decrease the number of inappropriate and false ads on the Web? Can it be considered as a limitation of the liberty of speech?

4. Virtual reality: possibilities or a trap? What’s more significant for the humankind in the reality simulations: safe conditions for experiments or the availability of another way to run out from everyday problems?

5. Does the technologic progress have an end? Is there a peak to reach in the growth of technology?


1. Why people usually choose artists as their idols? Despite the art impact on individuals’ intelligence, it’s not the most significant scope of the being. Is the reason only its belonging to entertainment activities?

2. The essence of art influence. What exactly speaks to our souls in different kinds of artistic creations?

3. Should an artist be hungry? Can and should art be actually evaluated with money?

4. Modern art: a new stream or only its semblance? What distinguishes Art from its pretentious malingering now?

5. Art censorship: a necessity or a restriction? Should creations be approved like before by the special committees? How would it affect artists and their audience? How can the authorities take advantage of that?


1. How to raise the teenagers’ interest in physical activity. The number of young adults who suffer from obesity and dysautonomia increases every year. Can fitness and its variants stop it?

2. Sports: where is a balance between inanity and social significance? If you look hard at any sports kind, it’ll appear rather meaningless. But its influence in the form of a goal, happiness, a team spirit, etc. can ‘t be disregarded. Which of two aspects overbalances the other one?

3. Olympic Games sports list. Are there any activities that should be removed due to their obsolescence and the ones that should be added due to their popularity?

4. Is adrenaline worth the risk? Can the constant necessity of this neurotransmitter be defined as an addiction? Should it be satisfied with extreme sports, etc. or cured to preserve health and lives?

5. Can sports fans unity and performances outweigh their rage? The sports fans culture and history are known for amazing events and tragedies. Can rooters’ violence be entirely covered by phenomenon benefits? Should these movements be regulated?


1. Is XXI century Is the end of the great literature era? Are there writers in the present times that can compete with canonical ones? Are there ranges where the field overall can develop?

2. The lack of concentration syndrome is a reason for the reading audience reduction. Is adult CDD the main cause of the lowering interest in literature? How significant effect on the subject it actually has?

3. Motivational literature negates the social variety. Are the basic inspiring guidelines too universal and common to all the writings on the matter? Should be the issue studied extensively to become a more suitable helpful remedy for various social segments?

4. Can accurate records replace the experience? Can one become a proficient worker only with a theoretical education?

5. Can anyone become a writer? Is a writing ability a gift or a skill that can be developed?


1. How to raise the political activity of the society? How to transform constant dissatisfaction with the authorities into the actions?

2. Voluntarism propagation. How to make this phenomenon a popular social lifestyle?

3. Responsible spending: how to decrease the number of credit debts? How to spread the basic financial education? Would the treatment for a buyer syndrome ruin the world economics?

4. Gambling and betting should be forbidden. Are these activities better than other bad habits? How they affect personalities and countries’ financial systems? Should they be prohibited or only restricted?

5. Environmental education. How to raise the generation with an attitude to proper utilization?

How to distinguish an excellent topic idea among others

Your interest in the matter shouldn’t be the only guideline for the topic selection. Your outlook can significantly differ, and although your opinion can extend social horizons, it doesn’t imply that it will find its audience and appreciation. That’s why to ensure the writing efficiency consider the following aspects.

Trend. What the world currently talks about? Explore the discussed issue origins and perspectives and look for its resolution.

Ethics. Avoid sensitive topics like race, faith, gender, etc. till your competence and maturity aren’t doubted.

Influence. Investigate the questions which solutions can alter the course of events.

Uncertainty. Select objectives with multiple answers. Pick one of the existing solutions or come up with a new one.

Contradiction. Don’t aspire acceptance. Induce debates about your topic and show your standpoint advantages in your statement.

The subject determination and formulation is the essential part of any writing. Especially it concerns academic papers like argumentative essays that have particular purposes to fulfill. The topic on this occasion should have attributes to require resolutions, attract attention and start discussions not to fail the writing goal accomplishment.