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Agriculture Essay Topics

Agriculture essay topics

The agriculture paper is the type of essay when it is the necessity to understand the subject. That’s why before working on the topic in this sphere, you should consider your knowledges and choose the most suitable option. You should do in-depth research, write notes, be sure that the structure of the paper can be connected to your theme and only then start writing. To make your term papers better you also need to pay attention on the essays words which you use. In this sphere it is important not to use the figurative language and the general statements, it is needed to use more of the technical and scientific notions.


Agriculture Topics to Write About

If you still think that agricultural research paper is not interesting and mostly boring and you do not want to work on it, there are some sections which will help you to understand that there are lots things which you can write about.

– economics

This particular section is one of the most enormous in this sphere. You should think about the connections between selling the food and the prize of its creation, how the process of optimization works and which methodologies are used to have a bunch of goods with the minimal expenses.

– society

There are some topics which you can work on in this section – the social organizations which regulate the agricultural processes or the analyses of the countries which have a maximum/minimum total production.

– labor

This section is on the top of scandal ones. Especially, when you write about how the children are used in this business and how the people work overtime on many farms, then there are lots of materials to read before you start. But there are also a lot of positive things to think about: how many people create their dream lives when they have begun farming or the changes in such labor in the last decades. If you are writing the process essay, then think about the ideas which you can propose to make improvements in the law system which regulates the relations in this sphere between the employee and the authorities.

– history

When you have a task to write a descriptive essay, then the history is your choice. The agriculture exists from the earliest centuries of the world, and there were lots of different changes and processes which you can describe – from how to use the hoe to the natural disasters and its impact on the quality of the land.

– technologies

Here is the section for those who want to make their essays powerful – writing about new technologies, which can fully invert the way of producing food. There is a chance to describe new types of combines or tractors, or about programming methods to keep the record of planted and harvested plants.

Agriculture Research Paper Topics


1. Why does the extensive farming use the small input of labor? 


2. Which impact has the progress in technologies on the agriculture? 


3. Why should people stop using the conventional systems? 


4. The people’ attitudes toward the food and fiber, which are done with the usage of GM. 


5. How can we multiply the number of feed and forage using the recycling process on the farm? 


6. The changes in the food system of people with the organic farming. 


7. Which system should be created to have the renewable water resources? 


8. Conventional agriculture is the most unproductive set of the old methodologies, which we can change. 


9. How should the adaptation of the process of planting seeds to climate change be made? 


10. The integrity of the organic and conventional methods of fertilizer. 


Sustainable Agriculture Essay Topics

Here is the list of topics about eco-friendly farming and agriculture. They are essential in the present years when more and more people take care about what we are doing with nature and how to stop the reckless usage of the land and save it for future generations. These topics will open your eyes to different aspects of this kind of farming. Because there are much more things to write about in your paper and not only about the advantages and purposes of sustainable agriculture or what the sustainable tourism is.


1. How to avoid the major food crisis using the technologies of the sustainable agriculture? 


2. A comparison of the environmentally friendly and mass farming. 


3. Why is the organic farming expensive? 


4. The process of doing the organic and non-organic food. 


5. What is the substitute of the pesticides? 


6. How can the organic farms affect the economy of less developed countries? 


7. The connections between the sustainable agriculture and the labor of the country. 


8. If it possible that organic food will fully satisfy the growing demand? 


9. The role of the land in the plans for the sustainable farm. 


10. How can you combine the recycling centers and your organic farm?